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How perfectionism drives ADHD drug abuse

He ignores his rapid heartbeat, headache, and growing sweat stains on his shirt. With his eyes darting across the computer screen and fingers tapping rapidly, he feels a thrill of satisfaction thinking about how quickly he’s completing the reports for his boss. That night, he has trouble shutting his mind off, and after a sleepless […]

Cultivate happiness and relieve stress with a gratitude journal

The word “gratitude” may bring to mind politeness and thank you notes—things often seen as automatic manners that affect the person receiving your appreciation more than you. However, science has shown that giving thanks for what you have can increase increase your overall happiness and strengthen your ability to handle stress. Practicing gratitude is also […]

Manage work stress by scheduling in time for mental breaks

Does taking a break at work make you feel guilty? It may be because you think it’s a choice between productivity and de-stressing. You’ve committed this time to delivering work to your employer, so taking some personal time for yourself during work hours is bad, right? Wrong. Research shows that taking regular mental breaks throughout […]

How to worry less and sleep better

For anyone who has ever spent a long night wide awake with worry, it may come as no surprise that anxiety and long nights of sleeplessness often make familiar–and unfortunate–bedfellows. The anxious thoughts that keep you up at night can run the gamut from day-to-day concerns to big life-and-death questions and everything inbetween. Studies show […]