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How to survive the post-graduation slump

After making it through your last finals and long nights of studying, college graduation is a moment of major relief and accomplishment. But the euphoria of graduating can quickly be replaced by worry about the uncertainty of the future. Leaving behind the familiarity of the flexible, but purposeful structure of campus life can leave you […]

Manage work stress by scheduling in time for mental breaks

Does taking a break at work make you feel guilty? It may be because you think it’s a choice between productivity and de-stressing. You’ve committed this time to delivering work to your employer, so taking some personal time for yourself during work hours is bad, right? Wrong. Research shows that taking regular mental breaks throughout […]

The health cost of money stress and how to beat it

Worrying about not being able to pay the credit card or electric bills, the heavy burden of an unexpected car repair, or feeling strained to save enough for retirement isn’t new to Americans. In fact, Americans stressed about money more than anything else this past year (and the six years before that), according to the […]