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4 Ways to Combat Holiday Stress

A surge in festive decorations, homemade treats, and heartwarming made-for-TV movies have cued the holiday cheer at the Lantern office. While the holiday season is an opportunity to reconnect with family and celebrate the end of the year, it’s also a major source of stress for Americans. According to a poll by the American Psychological […]

Caregiver Stress: 4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

This is a guest post by Mango Health for Lantern. In the past year, about 43.5 million adults in the United States provided unpaid care to an adult or a child according to an AARP research report, and roughly one in five of the people surveyed identified themselves as caregivers. While many of us spend […]

Computer Therapy for Depression Shouldn’t Be Ignored: A Response to NPR, the British Medical Journal, and Kaiser Health News

An article published by NPR on November 12, “Depressed? Look For Help From A Human, Not A Computer,” by Lynne Shallcross of Kaiser Health News (KHN) reported on the REEACT study by recently published in the British Medical Journal. Gilbody et al. (2015) sought to examine the relative efficacy of two computerized guided self-help cognitive […]

How to Navigate Etiquette (Or Lack Of Any) in the Digital Age to Avoid Social Anxiety

I once had a friend who didn’t text me back for three months. And this isn’t a “ghost” story—one where she disappeared forever, without any explanation. She’s actually still my friend. Over the course of those three months, I invited her to join me for several outings—with no reply. At first, I assumed her silence […]

Helicopter parenting makes you miserable: 3 ways to reclaim your life to benefit the whole family

There are so many modern parenting guides for raising successful (and intelligent, moral, creative, vegan, eco-friendly, bilingual, and musical) children, that trying to navigate the child-care section at the bookstore—let alone parenting itself—can be confusing. The sheer number of parenting books highlights our concern for our kids’ well-being. But our well-intentioned desire to shape our […]