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How to Navigate Etiquette (Or Lack Of Any) in the Digital Age to Avoid Social Anxiety

I once had a friend who didn’t text me back for three months. And this isn’t a “ghost” story—one where she disappeared forever, without any explanation. She’s actually still my friend. Over the course of those three months, I invited her to join me for several outings—with no reply. At first, I assumed her silence […]

The psychology of ghosting: Why people do it and a better way to break up

Chances are you’ve been “ghosted” before. “Ghosting” is when someone you’re dating ends the relationship by cutting off all communication, without any explanation. And we’re not talking about not getting a text back after one awkward OKCupid date—but receiving the ultimate silent treatment after several dates, or when you’re in a committed relationship. And while […]