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Computer Therapy for Depression Shouldn’t Be Ignored: A Response to NPR, the British Medical Journal, and Kaiser Health News

An article published by NPR on November 12, “Depressed? Look For Help From A Human, Not A Computer,” by Lynne Shallcross of Kaiser Health News (KHN) reported on the REEACT study by recently published in the British Medical Journal. Gilbody et al. (2015) sought to examine the relative efficacy of two computerized guided self-help cognitive […]

Managing and relieving chronic pain with meditation: Q&A with Vajra Yoga + Meditation founder Jill Satterfield

A searing pain struck Jill Satterfield in the abdomen for the first time in her 20s. Jill’s doctors didn’t know what was causing her pain, and often speculated that there was no physical cause to her suffering. Jill felt the emotional effects of being in constant physical agony; she felt scared, lonely, and isolated. After […]

How I taught myself and others ways to cope with stress: Q&A with Headstand Director Katherine Priore Ghannam

Katherine Priore Ghannam wasn’t prepared for the crippling stress she felt during her first year teaching. She developed anxiety around the upcoming school weeks and worried that she’d pass her stress to her students. Those first four months of teaching were pretty tough emotionally. Then Katherine discovered yoga and mindfulness. Yoga made her feel emotionally […]

How perfectionism drives ADHD drug abuse

He ignores his rapid heartbeat, headache, and growing sweat stains on his shirt. With his eyes darting across the computer screen and fingers tapping rapidly, he feels a thrill of satisfaction thinking about how quickly he’s completing the reports for his boss. That night, he has trouble shutting his mind off, and after a sleepless […]

Forming habits gradually in a society that loves to binge

Be honest–are you tempted by the idea of Amazon’s same-day delivery service? Do you get frustrated when Google Chrome takes more than a few seconds to load a webpage? Have you discovered a new TV show and gotten giddy because there were multiple episodes available to plow through? Considering 88 percent of Netflix users report […]