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1.pathMaking it all the way through your Lantern sessions is the best way to make real and sustained progress toward emotional wellbeing. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new design for your Lantern homepage–Your Path–which makes interacting with your sessions clearer and more engaging. The new design can be seen on the web or your iPhone app.

Your Path makes everything about how to get around in Lantern just a little more clear. You’ll see where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going in the future.




Where you’ve been2.Past_sessions

The sessions you do each day are circles on your path. Each day you finish a session, you’ll get a little check mark to show that you’ve completed that session.

You can return to the content in your completed sessions any time by clicking on the circle for that session. Not sure which session your favorite techniques was in? No problem. All of your techniques can still be found in the Techniques section of Lantern.




Where you are3.Current_session

So you never feel lost on the winding road of your path, we’ve made it extra clear where to go to start your session each day.

We’re even letting you know up front how long your session should take so you know what to expect.

And, once you’ve finished your session for the day, we’re now giving you recommendations to practice one of the techniques you’ve already learned. Because, as we all know, making new habits takes repetition.



Where you’re going

While your path may be a winding journey, it is broken up into themed units. We’ve heard from many of our users that they want to know which units are next.  In our new design, you can see the units you’ve done (in color) and the units to come (in grey).

You can expand and collapse units you’ve done by clicking on the bar with the unit name. And, each time you finish a unit, the following unit expands as a preview and reward.



We’ve also updated the color palette to feature bright, yet soothing shades. Each unit is represented with a different shade—another visually satisfying cue that you’ve moved onto a new unit, and are making progress on your path.

We hope you enjoy making your way through Your Path.

Check it out on the web, or download the iPhone update here.