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Stress track app

Today, Lantern announced the release of our stress track, designed to give individuals affordable access to skills and support to manage stress in healthy, effective ways. The stress track is the third emotional health track Lantern has developed to date, and will help people reach their potential in many facets of their lives. Lantern also offers an anxiety track to help users lessen their anxiety, and the body program, designed to improve body image and reduce disordered eating behaviors.

Like our anxiety and body tracks, the stress track is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a psychological approach that focuses on empowering individuals with the practical tools they need to feel better. We also pair each user with a one-on-one coach who helps them set goals and stay accountable. Our coaches are experienced behavior change professionals trained in CBT.

CBT has been proven time and time again to reduce stress, anxiety, and mood disorders. So, if a proven approach exists and Americans are aware of their unhealthy stress levels, why aren’t more people seeking it out? Because most CBT resources aren’t convenient.

Whether it’s hard to schedule time off of work or you live far away from a therapist’s office, time constraints and transportation issues are common reasons people don’t get the emotional help they need and desire. Cost of care and the stigma surrounding mental health issues are also huge barriers to in-person therapy.

Lantern has solved this care-delivery problem with a combination of engaging CBT exercises and personalized coaching—offered at a fraction of the cost of in-person therapy.

Since Lantern is available on smartphones and the web, users can do their Lantern exercises at their own pace, wherever they want. Our model drives incredible engagement: 60% of users who complete their first three sessions finish the entire 40 sessions in their program.

We’ve proven our combination of online CBT and coaching works. Users who complete their Lantern track report a 40% reduction in anxiety and stress symptoms, on average.

Lantern’s new stress track empowers individuals with lifelong stress management skills

Stress has a shocking impact on people’s health and happiness. In the U.S., three out of four visits to the doctor are due to stress-related health problems. Americans know that they’re all too familiar with stress: on average, they rate their stress level as higher than what they believe to be a healthy level.

Many people don’t know what stress actually is. Stressed-out people often feel overwhelmed by their to-do list, pressure from their boss, or other people’s demands on their time. But stress isn’t external. Stress is how someone responds to life’s stressors—and it’s something people can learn to control with CBT and support.

CBT examines the relationships between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Some people exercise or binge-watch TV for temporary stress relief, but these only act as a bandaid for the problem. Real change happens when people learn how to manage the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stress triggers.

The stress track is a personalized experience that will help users understand stress triggers and responses, teach tools to address behaviors in order to stop the stress cycle, and apply new skills across different domains of life: work, family, and self-confidence.

The stress track includes:

  • 40 quick sessions that users can access wherever and whenever through the web or a mobile app
  • Exercises and podcasts that teach the foundations of CBT
  • Interactive techniques that train users in how to build constructive habits that prevent procrastination, multi-tasking, and burnout
  • Unlimited messaging with a one-on-one coach who gives feedback and helps individuals set goals and stay accountable for reaching milestones

If your stress is getting in the way of your relationships, career, or self-confidence, start your 7 day free trial now. Just click “Customize Your Plan.”